Our debit card includes EMV (chip) technology to securely store your private account information. As part of our debit card protection program and to help keep your account safe, you will receive a text or phone call alert if suspicious activity is detected on your debit card.

Connect your debit card to your smartphone with Apple Pay and Google Pay. It’s easy to set up and super-fast to use in stores!


Please notify us if you are traveling. Give us a call at one of our 3 locations. This way we can have an alert on your card to avoid any troubles while on your trip.

Lost/Stolen Debit Card After Hours

If you have a lost or stolen debit card outside of our regular business hours please call the appropriate number below.

If you are inside the country, please call:

If outside of the country, please call:

Contact us today to speak to a Personal Banker with any questions.