ESB offers Bill Pay as a service through Internet Banking. This service is a quick and easy way to pay all monthly bills. With Bill pay, you can pay bills by setting up automatic payments from your checking account.

Bill Pay is a convenient service that is free to our Internet Banking customers. Save money by paying bills through Bill Pay as no costly postage stamps or envelopes are needed. You can schedule recurring bill payments or pay one bill at a time to any individual or company with a valid address.

Bill Pay offers Person-to-Person (P2P) payment options:

  • Ability to add an individual as a payee without their account information.
  • Payee communication is sent via text or email. (This can be done through your mobile app, or web browser.)
    • The subscriber establishes this when the payee is added.
    • The contact method can be edited.

To view a demo on how any of our Bill Pay options work, click on one of the two options below.