Effective as of November 7th, 2019

AccountsBalanceInterest RateAPY*
Money Market$100,000+1.401.41
Money Market$50,000-$99,9991.401.41
Money Market$10,000-$49,9991.301.31
Money Market$2,500-$9,9991.151.16
Money Market$0-$2,4990.250.25
Statement Savings$10,000+1.001.01
Statement Savings$5,000-$9,9990.500.50
Statement Savings$0-$4,9990.500.50
Elite Checking$10,000+0.501.50
Elite Checking$5,000-$9,9990.400.40
Elite Checking$2,500-$4,9990.300.30
Personal Interest Checking$5,000+0.500.50
Personal Interest Checking$2,500-$4,9990.300.30

Convertible CD Feature

CD’s with terms of 2 years or greater are convertible at half term without penalty.

Example: Open a 2 year CD on 4/4/2018, on 4/4/2019 (half term) you have the option to cash in without penalty, change terms without penalty, or leave as is.

*APY means annual percentage yield.
Variable Rate Accounts.
Additional fees may apply.

CDsDeposit AmountsRate*APY**
5 Year$10,000+2.002.01
5 Year$1,000-$9,9991.901.91
4 Year$10,000+2.002.01
4 Year$1,000-$9,9991.901.91
3 Year$10,000+1.901.91
3 Year$1,000-$9,9991.801.81
2 Year$10,000+1.901.91
2 Year$1,000-$9,9991.801.81
18 Month$10,000+1.001.00
18 Month$1,000-$9,9990.900.90
1 Year$10,000+1.901.91
1 Year$1,000-$9,9991.801.81
6 Month$10,000+1.801.81
6 Month$1,000-$9,9991.701.71
3 Month$10,000+1.801.81
3 Month$1,000-$9,9991.701.71

*Rate based on compounding interest & auto deposit plans.

**APY means Annual Percentage Yield and assumes interest will remain on deposit until maturity.  Withdrawals will reduce earnings.